Acting Out is the fourteenth episode of the second season and 36th overall.


Will and Jack appear on Today to protest NBC for cutting a gay kiss out of an eagerly-waited sitcom episode, but to no avail as they are told that they will never see a gay kiss on network television. Will is frustrated with Jack on how much he wanted to see that kiss and kisses him. Elsewhere, Grace confides in Karen about dumping her boyfriend, who advises her to tell Josh that she's in love with Will.




  • Al Roker (Himself)
  • Corey Parker (Josh)
  • Jeff Blumenkrantz (Craig Vissay)
  • Mary Pat Gleason (Sally)
  • Amy Crofoot (Receptionist)
  • Jo Marie Payton (Mrs. Freeman)


  • This is the first episode that features outdoor scenes filmed on the streets of New York City.
  • The kiss between Will and Jack was based on a real-life event that happened on the Today show with Al Roker.
  • Will tells Jack to "leave the silly protest to Woody Harrelson and his hemp flip-flops". Harrelson would later appear on the show in a recurring role.


Today show blooper. Two guys kiss.01:04

Today show blooper. Two guys roker recovers


Grace:This is it, this is it! This is not it. Where's the camera going? Why are we looking at fireplace?
Jack:Get off the flames and follow the flamers!
watching television

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