Alice Doesn't Lisp Here Anymore is the twentieth episode of the third season and 65th overall.


A whacked-out Grace is wracked with guilt over the death of a high school classmate whom she once tormented, so she drags Will along to the funeral -- and gets the surprise of her life -- while Will offers a sympathetic shoulder to a handsome grieving relative. Elsewhere, an ecstatic Jack asks Karen to accompany him when he is nominated for a MAC award for lower Manhattan non-transgender equity waiver gay cabaret.




  • Alex Kapp Horner (Alice Robinson)
  • Todd Stashwick (Gabe Robinson)
  • Noel Conlon (Minister)
  • Patricia Place (Myrtle)
  • David Doty (Harry)
  • Christean Middelthon (Man)


  • This episode was aired out of order.

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to the 1974 movie, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  • Grace recites the song "Mrs Robinson" at the funeral (followed by a medley of other Simon & Garfunkel songs).


Grace:You know how every school has that one girl that all the kids make fun of? You know, bad at sports, a little overweight, friends with the lunch ladies?
Will:...I was that girl.
about Alice Robinson

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