Amber-Louise is Jack's co-host (and successor) of Jack Talk. She is portrayed by Britney Spears.


Amber-Louise appears in Buy Buy Baby when she is hired when Out TV is purchased by a large, conservative co-operation. She is bubbly and Southern "from the great state of Alabama" although Jack mistakes her for being British.

It is later revealed that her real name is "Peg", and that she is "a hardcore lesbian and "into leather play and butch black girls".

When Jack protests the censorship of George Takei's sexuality, he is fired and Amber-Louise becomes his permanent replacement, ending his career as a talk show host.[1]


Hi! I'm Amber-Louise. So nice to meet you. God bless America. And by that, I mean all Americans. Even the ones that need to be jailed without due process now and then. Buy Buy Baby


  1. Buy Buy Baby

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