Bacon and Eggs is the 2nd episode of the fifth season and 94th overall.

Kevin Bacon appears as himself as Jack continues to stalk him.



Ep 05 02-0


Kevin Bacon inadvertently hires Jack to be his assistant and help him catch his stalker, who is Jack himself. After being caught with binoculars behind a bush near Kevin's apartment because of Jack, Will is named as the stalker so Kevin takes him to his apartment to interrogate.

Will is surprised to learn that Kevin does not actually want his stalker to stop because it is a sign that he might be losing his career. After Jack accidentally admits he is the stalker, Kevin apologizes to Will and end up dancing together.


Ep 05 02-1

With my fashion sense and your freakish upper body strength, this kid could take over the world.

After another failed try get inseminated, Grace gets another visit from the Jewish doctor Leo, whom she clearly likes. As she wonders about the possibility of being with him, she begins to contemplate on whether she should continue on starting a family with Will.

Karen asks for her help in breaking up with the smooth-talking Lionel Banks and Grace voices out how hard it is to turn down "the perfect guy" because of her promise to Will and that she understands Karen's disposition. At the end of the episode, Grace nervously leaves a message for Leo.





Cultural references

  • When describing his relationship with Val Kilmer, Kevin Bacon says that "Val was in Top Gun with Tom Cruise, and Tom was in A Few Good Men with me. Huh, that was a short one." This is a reference to the parlor game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon connecting any actor to Kevin Bacon is six movies or less.
  • In describing Lionel, Rosario recites a line from the chorus of What a Man.


Footloose on Will & Grace01:28

Footloose on Will & Grace


You're sleazy and shameless! I like that, but we're through! Karento Lionel Banks

Rosie's comin' with. She's up there breakin' up with Lionel for me, so I thought I'd take her out too and get this supportive friend thing over with in one trip. Karen

Karen:Every time I go to break up with him he flashes those pearly caps and I end up bent over the minibar.
Grace:End up? Isn't that where you started?

I can't believe, in all the time I've known you, that I've had to say this twice, but my penis doesn't enjoy being sung to. Willto Jack

I didn't hire you to be my pal. You're just here to make sure the S.S. Bacon stays its course. Kevin Baconto his new assistant

Karen:It's like the old song goes... anyone deserves a free meal after having Will's sperm inside them.
Grace:I think that was from "You're a Gay Dad, Charlie Brown."

When the stalkers leave, it's the first sign that your career is slipping. I picked that up from Val Kilmer. Kevin Bacon

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