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Barry, Karen's cousin who she had originally fixed up with Will. On their date WIll discovers Barry had recently come out as a gay man. Barry was originally verry bookish and awkward when it came to interacting with others and lack much self esteem. Karen ask Will and Jack to help him come out of his shell and make him a much hotter gay man.




Barry originally bookish and socially awkward. He was very shy and lacked self esteem, when talking to other men. Barry would wear glasses, bulky sweaters, he didn't know how to dress very well. Including a shirt that read "I can't even think straight". Barry's physical appeareance, included unshaved facial hair and a little chubby physique and unkept hair.


During the tranformation, Will and Jack taught Barry "basic gay culture". They taught him to remember famous actresses names. They showed him how and what to eat including drinks. Will and Jack taught him how to dance and what to wear. They also working on his appearance, by waxing and plucking and showing him how to groom himself. They also had him exercise so he could get the a better physique. When asked if it was necessary, Jack replied "Yes" "No pecs, No sex". Afterward Barry was very clean cut, and attractive to both Will and Jack. Jack annouced Barry was officially a gay man when Grace saw Barry and said "He's hot!!".
Will and Jack dancing on Dirty00:32

Will and Jack dancing on Dirty

Will and Jack teach Barry to dance

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