Ben Doucette is Will's employer at the law firm Doucette & Stein, appearing in the second and third seasons.


Ben is first introduced as a "big-shot" lawyer in Season 2 episode Terms of Employment, who has a deadpan sense of humor and uses intimidation tactics such as crushing walnuts. [1]

However, in later episodes he exhibits a much warmer and friendly persona, especially with Grace. In Ben Her? he reveals that he is a widower with two children, although it is unclear whether or not this is true.

Will Truman

Ben offers Will a job after Will loses his own firm due to being fired by Harlin Polk. Will is apprehensive about Ben's nefarious personality, but the two go on to have an amiable relationship.

Grace Adler

Ben and Grace initially have a hostile relationship, but go on to have a no-strings-attached romance in the Season 2 finale. [2] They eventually become monogamous, although they break up in Grace 0, Jack 2000 after realizing that they are not in love with each other.[3]


  • Ben is a talented tap dancer[4] and racquetball player.[5]
  • Gregory Hines was set to return to the show, but died in 2003.
  • It is speculated that the character of Ben (Will and Vince's son) was named after this character in honor of Gregory Hines.
  • Ben Doucette is one half of Doucette & Stein. Mr Stein introduced in the fifth season, played by Gene Wilder.


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