Big Brother is Coming (Part II) is the 15th episode of the first season of Will and Grace.


Grace incurs Will's wrath when she spills the beans about her fling with his brother Sam. In a pit of rage and jealousy, Will reveals his possessiveness of Grace, much to her shock. She also wonders if her feelings for Sam are a result of him being the "straight" version of Will, or, as Karen puts it, "the Will that'll touch your boobies."

Karen goes into serious caring-friend mode, helping Grace sort out her feelings for both brothers and helping to guide Jack through the terrors of turning thirty.



Grace:You know how, um, how sometimes you-- you do something... And you get all caught up in it, and you know it's stupid, but you don't realize just how stupid it really is... until after?
Will:Sure. I mean, that's how "Footloose: The Musical" got made.
Grace attempting to confess to Will

This is not weird, Grace. Gay republicans are weird. Will

Hi. I was in the Village and I got to thinking, if I took 2 subways and a bus transfer and walked a half dozen blocks, I'd be right in the neighborhood. Sam Trumanto Grace

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