Board Games is the 13th episode of the seventh season, and 152nd overall.


Scott Woolley, an old high school classmate seeks revenge on Karen for ruining his senior year by trying to become president of Walker, Inc. After Scott prepares a presentation that wows the board of Walker, Inc., he takes over control of the company, much to Karen's dismay. Meanwhile, Jack and Grace take the day off of work to go to the movies. While at the supermarket getting snacks, they run into Vince and his co-worker and assume that Vince is cheating on Will.




Cultural References

  • Grace and Jack go to see the movie Spanglish while playing hooky from work.


Oh, dear. Did you call out my name again in the boudoir? Jackto Will, when Vince is upset with him

Vince:Look at me. I went from a-- from a real gun to a--to a price gun. You know, yesterday I busted some guy shoplifting. All I could two mark him "two for a dollar" and send him on his way.
Grace:Why, you woulda shot him?
Vince:I woulda had the option.
at the grocery store

I just want to buy something sticky that I can spill on the seat in front of me so no one'll sit there. Gracebuying movie snacks

Vince:Why don't you lay off, you little bitch, before I rip your head off your neck.
Dennis:You're fired.
Vince:What?! Why?!
at the grocery store