Bobby Cannavale is an Emmy-Award winning American film and TV actor who played the role of Will's boyfriend Vince D'Angelo.  


For his role on the show, Cannavale won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series in 2004 against other guest stars of the show Alec Baldwin, Victor Garber, and Jeff Goldblum.


  • Debra Messing has shared in an Instagram post that she and Cannavale lived across the hall from each other in New York in 1993.[1]

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  1. Messing, Debra (@therealdebramessing) "It just gets better and better. ANOTHER fan fav from our little show of yesteryear. @bobby_cannavale is in the house! Little bit of trivia- when we were both youngin's in 1993 we lived across the hall from each other in NYC. #olllllddddddfriends @nbcwillandgrace"* Instagram, September 7, 2017