Bonnie is the mother of Jack's son Elliot.


When Jack was 17, he donated sperm to the New York Family Clinic where Bonnie worked as a nurse. She wanted to have a child so she took Jack's sperm and gave birth to Elliot, who later finds and forms a relationship with his father.

Bonnie finally faces Jack after he dyes Elliot's hair without her permission, to warn him that she is still in charge of Elliot. After Jack implies that she doesn't want him around her son is because he's openly gay, she comes out to him, saying she is not ready for her son to know. Bonnie later admits that the reason of her abrasion towards Jack may have been because of how comfortable he was with his sexuality in dealing with Elliot while she has been trying to come out to her son for the past 12 years.

Elliot mentions that she's not a very good cook and once made a pie that started out as taco salad.


  • Rosie O'Donnell was offered the part of Elliot's mother during the cast's guest appearance on her talk show in 2001. She immediately accepted the role.[1]
  • O'Donnell also came out as a lesbian shortly after playing Bonnie.


You're not his father. I'm his father. And his mother. And until he was eight years old, I was Santa freakin' Claus, all right? to Jack about ElliotDyeing is Easy, Comedy is Hard

Home Depot. Something "lesbionic"Dyeing is Easy, Comedy is Hard

Daytime TV sucks. Dyeing is Easy, Comedy is Hard


  1. Will & Grace cast on Rosie O'Donnell - Part 4

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