Buy Buy Baby is the eighteenth episode of the eighth season and the 80th overall.


After a large corporation takes over OutTV, Jack's talk show "JackTalk" is completely revamped. An immediate change comes when the new conservative owners hire Amber-Louise as "JackTalk's" new co-host. While Jack is deciding whether or not he'll stand up to his new bosses, Karen goes baby shopping. After seeing Grace so happy about her pregnancy, Karen decides she wants a baby of her own and offers to pay a make-up lady, Cricket, to carry one for her.





  • "JackTalk" is renamed "TalkTime USA" by the new network.
  • Star Trek's Sulu, George Takei, drops by for an interview, but is told by Amber-Louise that he can not reveal that he is gay, prompting Jack to quit in protest.
  • Karen finally reveals to Grace that she wants a baby because she thought it would help her and Stan's relationship.


George Takei is a prancing, giggling queen! And I will not slander his good name by implying he's straight! Jack

Um... Mr. Takei? I'm a huge fan. Would you sign my doll? Oh, God. That sounded so girly. I-- I'm an admirer of your work. Would you sign my doll? Willto George Takei

"JackTalk" will remain the beacon of integrity it's always been. Now. If you'll excuse me, I have to go prep for tomorrow's segment, "Photographing Your Dog's Junk." Jack

Will:Jamie, exactly who bought OutTV?
Jamie:Nimbus Television Networks. Which is owned by Digicity Global Worldwide. Which is a division of the Department of Homeland Security. Which I believe is owned by Nabisco.
Will:Cookies and the Bush administration. The gay community's two worst enemies have joined forces to bring us down.

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