Coffee & Commitment is the tenth episode of the third season and the 55th overall.


When they are asked to read at Joe and Larry's civil union, Will and Grace verbally spar over her self-serving, get-and-take attitude where Will is responsible for everything -- but what's really bugging him is the overwhelming feeling that Grace is behaving more like a wife than an old friend. Meanwhile, Karen tries to help a caffeine-addicted Jack get over a failed crush but he's so jacked-up on java that only a tough-love approach will work.




  • Jerry Levine (Joe)
  • Tim Bagley (Larry)
  • Jeffrey Patrick Dean (Waiter)
  • Butch Klein (Male Guest)
  • Wanda-Lee Evans (Justice of the Peace)
  • Lori Alan (Jean)
  • Jimmy Shaw (Cute Man)


Grace:Jeez, sorry. I thought you liked paying.
Will:Oh, that's right! I do like paying. Yeah, that's why I do the cancan every time I read the gas bill.
Grace mooching from Will

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