Company is the 4th episode of the seventh season and 150th overall.


When Will and Grace meet a stranger named Ned in the elevator, Grace accuses Will of being too nice to people he doesn't know. While Grace befriends Ned and invites him to dinner, Will makes some nasty remarks about him, but they soon discover that Ned's not the best company to keep. Meanwhile, Jack is having trouble at his new company, Out TV, because he feels he can't relate to his co-workers after they mock him about his Cher doll. Karen and Rosario lend some much-needed support.





  • The song Will and Grace sing and dance to is Side by Side by Side, from the musical "Company" (which is also the title of the episode). This is the second time an episode has been named after a Company song, the first being "Marry Me a Little".


Will:What's wrong with being nice to him? He's our neighbor.
Grace:Follow the logic, Will. We're nice to him. Suddenly, we're picking up his newspaper. Then-- We're watering his plants. Before you know it, there's a fire in the building and we're the ones who have to make sure he "got out okay". I'd rather find out on the evening news, thank you.
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