Crazy in Love is the 13th episode of the third season and the 59th episode overall.

Will tries his hand in sports to impress Matt, a sportscaster. After Grace agrees to decorate Jack's apartment, he and Karen find out Grace might be a psychopath.


Sporty Will

Ep 03 12

"Hit the freakin' ball, you damn sissy!"

Will finally calls Matt, a sportscaster working on television. After learning that Matt broke up with his previous boyfriend because he was not interested in sports, Will realizes he needs to learn or at least pretend to be interested in sports such as baseball. Grace helps him train at the batting cages but his training proves useless when Matt invites him to basketball instead. Later, Will admits that he really does not follow sports and Matt admits that he broke up with his boyfriend because they were "just different". The two promise to be honest with each other.

Psycho Grace

Ep 03 12-0

"My dream home is no longer Jeannie's bottle. It's this!"

Things get frustrating when Karen hires Grace to decorate Jack's new apartment because of his expensive taste and limited budget. As Grace storms out, she leaves behind her daily planner where Jack and Karen find the letter diagnosing Grace with borderline personality disorder which she had written to get out of jury duty.

Jack and Karen, afraid of an aggressive outburst, complies with all of Grace's plans for the design and she finishes the apartment. When Grace finally admits that the letter was fake, the two do not believe her thinking she is still making up delusions, and run away from her.





Cultural references

  • Grace refers to Jack and Karen as Boris and Natasha, after the silly villains in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends cartoons.
  • When Matt recalls using her mother's curling iron and pretending to be veteran sports journalist Howard Cossell, Will says he does the same thing but pretends to Broadway and TV actress and singer Eartha Kitt.
  • While helping Grace pretend to be a psychopath, Will mentions films with characters dealing with mental illnesses such as Claudia Draper (Barbra Streisand) in Nuts (1987), Sybil Dorsett (Sally Field) in Sybil, and Frances Farmer (Jessica Lange) in Frances.



My mother's crazy. That's why I had her committed. Well, she's not crazy so much as she just bugged me. She's a bitch. Karen

I'm allowed to watch sports, ok? 'Cause I'm a guy. That's what guys do. Now get me a beer. Who am I kidding? I want a spritzer. I'll never pull this off. Willpretending to like sports

Will:I told Matt that I'm sports nut, that I love watching sports, that I particularly love playing baseball, and that I'm really good at it.
Grace:How quick can you get out of town?
Matt:Hi, Grace. Do you ever not look gorgeous?
Grace:God... Ten years ago, I would have wasted so much time liking you.

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