East Side Story is the seventeenth episode of the sixth season and the 133rd overall.


Will and Grace ride the success of their recent real-estate venture to expand to the East Side but clash with the reigning champs of "apartment flippers" -- lesbians Deirdre and Monet. Fighting against their new competition's intimidation tactics, the enterprising duo must rely on Will's masculine sex appeal in the hopes of dividing the same-sex real-estate moguls. Meanwhile, Karen seeks the spiritual guidance of John Edward in order to comfort her guilt over her recent engagement.





  • This episode was only 26 minutes long.
  • Karen's engagement ring actually came from Martin Katz, on loan to the show.


Will:Look, on Animal Planet, why is it that the pumas always single out the one limpy gazelle for dinner?
Grace:Ugh, there's gonna be nature in our plan?
plotting against Deirdre and Monet

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