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"Well, now we know who's buying everything on eBay."

Girls, Interrupted is the 20th episode of the second season and the 42nd overall.


Grace suspects Val may have stolen her music box and tries to convince Will that their neighbor is a kleptomaniac. Meanwhile, a gay man trying to go straight tries to convert Jack into a non-practicing homosexual.





  • Val originally appeared in the season one episode "Grace, Replaced".
  • Val appears to have moved from 15F to 12E (which actually makes more sense, given that 155 Riverside Drive is a 12-story building).
  • The Christian organization "Focus on Family" objected to this episode, stating that it "made a mockery of the struggles of ex-gay men and women."


Ok, I--I have to say something here. The back-slapping and the head-rubbing was one thing, but the ear-blowing and the butterfly kisses are not standard NBA practice. Billto Jack

Great. Give me a minute to get my black leotard and suction cups, and I'll meet you on the side of the building. Willwhen Grace suggests breaking into Val's apartment

Will and Grace:Surprise!
Val:Wow. What are you two doing here?
Grace:Um, we - we thought you had a gas leak.
Val:Then why did you yell, "surprise"?
Will:Well, we didn't say it was a nice surprise.
when Val catches Will and Grace in her apartment

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