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Grace Adler
Vital statistics
Full name Grace Elizabeth Adler-Markus
Place of Birth: Schenectady, New York
Birth date: April 26, 1967
Nickname(s): Gracie
Gross Adler
Mop Top
Scarlet Pimple
Orientation: Heterosexual
Family: Martin Adler (Father)
Bobbi Adler (Mother)
Janet Adler (Sister)
Joyce Adler (Sister)
Dr. Jay Markus (Father-in-Law)
Eleanor Markus (Mother-in-Law)
Children: Lila Markus
Spouse: Dr. Leo Markus
Status: Married
Occupation: Interior Designer
First Appearance: Love & Marriage
Last Appearance: The Finale(2)
Portrayed by: Debra Messing
Grace Elizabeth Adler-Markus (born April 26, 1967) is a fictional character on the American sitcom Will & Grace, portrayed mainly by American actress Debra Messing. She is a Jewish interior designer living in New York City with her best friend Will Truman. She is married to Dr. Leo Markus.


Grace was born on April 26, 1967 in Schenectady, New York to Bobbi and Martin Adler. She has an older sister named Janet and a younger sister Joyce. It was revealed that Grace was originally a brunette ("Lows in the Mid-Eighties").

Grace went to her first boy-girl dance with a boy named Alan Finkelman who ended up dancing with Sandy Simons ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Father"). When she was 16, she dated a boy named Bobby Kay ("Love Plus One"). She lost her virginity to a nurse named Ira ("Will Works Out").

During the 80s, Grace attended Columbia University with her friend Ellen and lived in a dorm room across Will's. Grace and Will would later start a romantic relationship but on the day that Grace plans to lose her virginity to him, Will comes out and they break up. A year later, they bump into each other at D'Agostino and rekindle their relationship but as platonic friends. This would later become the basis of a recurring joke that Grace can turn straight men gay ("New Will City"), and is frequently attracted to gay men ("Crazy In Love").

At the beginning of the series, Grace was dating Danny, whom Will thinks is good enough for her ("Pilot"). After Danny proposes and Will reveals what he honestly thinks of him, Grace left Danny at the altar and convinced Will to her be room with him ("A New Lease on Life).

Personality Edit

Grace's antics mainly toyed around her neurotic tendencies, as opposed to the more reasonable and pragmatic Will. Although most of the humor on her stem on her physical characteristics--her red hair, big teeth, nontraditional wardrobe, flat chest, and big feet. She claims that her feet grew "from a four to an eight in a month" ("My Uncle the Car"). Her Jewish antics are also often fodder for the show's humor.

Grace is shown to be annoyed by her mother's theatrical antics and critical nature though she later realized that she inherited quite a few of her mother's personality traits ("The Unsinkable Mommy Adler"). She also constantly strives for the affection of her father Martin ("It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World"), competing with her two sisters.

Grace also seemingly developed an obsession to food that Stuart once rhetorically asked her, "Good god, do you ever stop eating?" ("Courting Disaster").

Grace herself is decidedly selfish and neurotic, but it is usually played for laughs, especially by her husband and Will.

She is also somewhat vain, once declaring herself to be a "frickin' bombshell" ("Dames At Sea") and believing that she bears a strong resemblance to red-haired celebrities like Rita Hayworth ("Secrets And Lays") and Julia Roberts ("Polk Defeats Truman"), which seem to confuse others. While in Los Angeles, she was mistaken for Kathy Griffin by tourists ("I Love L. Gay").

There is a general running joke of Grace's slovenly and unladylike demeanor.

She once mentions selling Will's college term papers for a profit of which Will had no knowledge of ("Looking for Mr. Good Enough"). On one occasion she observes someone else's private workout and just follows the trainer and the trainee. Grace's favorite food is shrimp, and she will eat it regardless of how or where she found it. She once had food poisoning for several days because she kept eating bad shrimp including taking them out of the trash when Leo tried getting rid of them, highlighting her obsession with food and her unladylike manners.

Grace has become infamous for her string of boyfriends, many played by famous guest stars such as Woody Harrelson and Gregory Hines. Grace married the Jewish doctor Leo Markus, played by Harry Connick, Jr., on November 21, 2002, but the marriage failed when he had a one-night stand while working in Cambodia. In season 8, the two reunited briefly during a flight to London when they coincidentally met on the plane. This one-night tryst led to Grace getting pregnant, but she didn't tell Leo because he was engaged to another woman. However, in the series finale, she and Leo reunited and raised the baby, a girl named Lila, together. Lila then went on to attend college with and eventually marries Will and Vince's son, Ben.

Relationships Edit

Will Truman Edit

Will Truman is Grace best friend whom she dated in college. They met during college at a party in front of Paradise Juice where she told Nancy Jacob that Will is "the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with" ("Marry Me A Little More"). They eventually started dating but on Thanksgiving night of 1985, Will accidentally proposed to Will to keep them from having sex. Will then came out to Grace later that night and the two broke up and did not speak to each other for a year. After bumping into each other, they resolved their issues and started their relationship as best friends ("Lows In The Mid-Eighties").

Their closeness is often made fun of by other characters. Karen hilariously refers to Will as Grace's husband, "sexless lover", "non-romantic life partner" and the reason that Grace is not in a relationship ("Grace, Replaced"). They can finish each others sentences at times, which helps them in their fast rounds in trivia and parlor games. They can also be quite dysfunctional and co-dependent, sometimes even requiring the other's approval of clothing and boyfriends ("Fred Astaire And Ginger Chicken").

Grace moves in and out of Will's apartment throughout the series. In season 2, she moved into the apartment across the hall from Will which she eventually gave to Jack.

Karen Walker Edit

Aside from Will, she also has a strong relationship with her secretary, Karen Walker, a rich, alcoholic socialite who does virtually no secretarial work. Karen is nevertheless useful to Grace, as she pays for her employer's health insurance and occasionally uses her society connections to help Grace get work. Otherwise, Karen spends her "work" hours harrassing Grace, her maid Rosario, and trading banter with her flamboyantly gay friend Jack. She routinely criticizes Grace's breast size and choices in fashion (usually by disdainfully asking "Honey, what's this all about?") and men. Grace and Karen became close friends over the years. Grace eventually learns to look past Karen's faults, and Karen occasionally does stop ridiculing her or being outrageous to reveal a softer, more caring side. In one episode, Grace stands up to Milo (played by Andy Garcia) who refuses to go on a second date with Karen, who was going through a divorce with her husband Stan and very vulnerable at the time. In another instance, Karen seemingly turns down Grace's proposal for a business loan out of mean behavior. But she reveals really does it to protect Grace, who doesn't really have a strong business plan, from being let down.

Jack McFarland Edit

Grace and Jack became friends mainly because of Will. They later expressed that they didn't have anything in common until they discovered they both love figure skating and begin to bond ("Will On Ice"). Along with Karen, Jack frequently makes fun of Grace's physical attributes as well as her wardrobe.

Leo Markus Edit

Ex-Lovers Edit

Danny Edit

Josh Edit

Josh is Grace's bohemian boyfriend during the second season. He is shown to be extremely gentle and soft which disgusts Karen who referred to him as the talented Mr. Wimp-ly Following Karen's advise of withholding sex to "train" him into being tough, Grace gets dumped by Josh. They would later continue dating after he angrily confronts her and she feels attracted to him again ("Advice And Resent"). Grace would eventually also start dating Ben Doucette and contemplate on who should she break up with. In the end, Jack reveals that Josh is gay ("New Will City").

Ben Doucette Edit

Ben Doucette is a partner at Will's firm, whom Grace dates while still in a relationship with Josh.

Nathan Edit

Nathan lived in the same building as Will & Grace. After Grace confronts her about removing the clothes she put in the laundry, Nathan takes her on a date on his apartment set up as Venice which was originally meant for his ex-girlfriend Vicki. Although Grace seems disgusted, she agrees to go out with him ("The Young and The Tactless"). During the third season, Nathan moves in with Will & Grace. Nathan unknowingly proposes to Grace during sex and then informally during dinner but Grace, who expects a more romantic gesture, declines. Finally when Grace realizes she really wants to marry him and proposes to him, Nathan breaks up with her ("Rules of Engagement") which leaves her devastated and bed-ridden ("Bed, Bath And Beyond").

James Hanson Edit

James is Will's boyfriend whom Grace married at a green card wedding. After they found out how mean and cruel he really is, Grace divorced him a few days later.

Nick Edit

Nick is a playwright who writes greeting cards. He met Grace after he mistakenly walks into her office instead of a Valentine's Day party.

Mark Edit

Mark is a guy whom Grace dumped after finding out he has six toes ("Three's a Crowd; Six Is a Freak Show").

Tom Edit

Tom is a married man whom Grace had a fling with.

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