He's Come Undone is the 12th episode of the second season and 34th overall.


Will is having a recurring dreams in Grace enters his room and night and has sex with him, leaving him uncomfortable and confused. At Jack's suggestion, he seeks therapy in order to find clarity. However, the therapist, Dr. Loranger is disinterested in Will and instead attempts to pursue a romantic relationship with Grace, even using his sessions with Will to learn how to seduce her.

Grace, flattered by the attention, continues to see Dr. Loranger. Will, frustrated by Grace's selfishness and his therapist's lack of professionalism, makes an accidental breakthrough about the root of his dreams.

Meanwhile, Jack is affronted by Karen's rude treatment of his wife, Rosario, and demands he treat her with more respect.





  • Karen mistakes her El Salvadoran maid Rosario for being Mexican, a mistake that is later repeated by Grace in the VoteHoney video.
  • While reading a magazine, Karen laughs and says, "Oh, Minnie Driver, who ever told you you could pull off a leather jumpsuit?". Minnie Driver would later appear in the series as Stanley Walker's mistress and Karen's arch nemesis, Lorraine Finster.

Cultural References

  • Will has a recurring sex dream about Stone Phillips, a former co-anchor of Dateline.
  • Will sings the chorus of "Papa Can You Hear Me" from the musical Yentl in his scene with Dr. Loranger.


Jack, let me paint you a little picture of life here at chez Walker. You may want to sit down for this. Nobody matters but me. Goodnight. Karen

Sure. Sure, I like him. Why wouldn't I like him? I mean, I like him like I like the Statue of Liberty. I'm glad it's there, but I don't need to see it all the time. Graceabout Dr Loranger

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