I Love L. Gay is the 14th episode of the eighth season and 184th overall.


Will, Karen, and a star-struck Grace travel to Los Angeles to support Jack as he accompanies Elliot to tour the UCLA campus.

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Will and James

Coincidentally, Will runs into James while in LA, but to his surprise James is Canadian and in jeopardy of being deported. After spending a perfect weekend together, Will and James find that they don't have to say good-bye to each other again when Grace makes a special proposal.





  • Grace asks James to marry her so that he can stay in the U.S. In addition to being Canadian, we learn that he is a photographer and his last name is Hanson.
  • Jack's ring tone is "Ring My Bell", by Anita Ward.


Woman:Excuse me. Are you--
Grace:Nicole Kidman? No.
Woman:I was going to say Kathy Griffin.
Grace:I'll take it.
in L.A
Grace:Elliot, you must be so excited. I can't believe you might be going to UCLA. I just seems like yesterday you were playing with a GI Joe doll and spilling your juice box on our rug.
Elliot:That was yesterday. And it was Jack.
in L.A

Elliot's final appearance

Elliot:It's so cool of you and Will to come check out UCLA with us.
Will:Of course, Elliot. I mean, we wouldn't miss it. You're family.
Elliot:You wanna come next month when we check out University of Kansas?
Will:Oh, God no. What celebrities live there?
in L.A

Well, it's hard. It's a very complicated relationship between a sperm donor dad and the child of a lesbian who shows up on his door thirteen years later. There's really only one book about it. And not a lot of stores carry Yank, Squirt, Doink, Dyke, Baby. Jack

Will:I just realized I do know your work. You took that photograph, that amazing shot of Kate Moss in the dumpster with the lettuce leaf on her head. That was genius.
James:I can't take credit. I found her like that.