Jack has had a number of cabaret shows at gay bars throughout the series, during which he sings, dances, plays the piano, does stand-up comedy and at least in one occasion, a magic show.

Just Jack

Just Jack is Jack's one-night only (open mic night) performance at The Duplex[1]. He opens with a rendition of Charlene's "I've Never Been To Me" on piano during which he was interrupted by Will and Grace arguing in the audience. He stops singing and shouts "It's not the Will & Grace show! It's called Just Jack!". Rosario has refered to this show in its Spanish title "Solamente Yack".[2]

Jack: A Meditation in Three Parts

Jack: A Meditation in Three Parts (full title: Untitled Jack McFarland Fall Project Entitled Jack: A Meditation in Three Parts) is a play Jack wrote and directed and Karen produced. Originally titled "Love Among the Coconuts: a Caribbean Fantasy", the play was about Plantain, a "magnificently-built island man who wears nothing but puka shells and a palm frond", and a story where "five Laotian houseboys face the pain of adolescence". After Karen tells him how terrible the script is, Jack scraps the idea and changes the story channeling his ongoing issue with Will and Grace.

The new script features two characters: "Will" and "Grace" who painfully deal with the death of their dear friend "Jack", whom they have taken for granted. After committing suicide by drinking poison, the two characters find out from a bouncer at the Pearly Gates (played by Karen) that they are both going to hell.[3]

Jack 2000

In Jack 2000, Jack's stand-up did poorly at first until he resorted to mocking Will's personal life to humor the audience. Will refuses to let Jack mock him in public further and does not attend his next performances. After Karen asks Will to be the adult and show kindness to Jack, he comes in to watch again, allowing Jack to use of his embarrassing experiences for laughs. Jack, in the end appreciates Will's kindness and begins to put on a good show without humiliating him.[4]

Jack 2001: A Space Odyssey

Jack 2001: A Space Odyssey (or simply Jack 2001) is Jack's third cabaret act which he opens with a sci-fi themed number and ends with a version of Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do). Val whom Jack has invited starts stalking Jack after seeing all the performances.[5]

Jack learns afterwards that he was nominated for a MAC Award for Jack 2001 and even prepared a video speech in case he wins, but was later informed that the producers got confused because there were too many gay cabaret acts with the word "Jack" in them and Jack was not really nominated.[6]

That Old Jack Magic

Jack hires Karen to assist him on his new show showcasing magic. Conflict begin to arise when Karen contributes ideas to entertain the audience without Jack's approval.[7]

Jack Talk

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The Badge

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