Jack Talk is Jack's talk show that aired on the fictional network, OutTV.

According to Jack the set used by the show is from the 1982 People's Choice Awards.


After becoming a junior executive at OutTV, Jack becomes a producer of a talk show and quickly becomes its host, renaming it to Jack Talk. Karen is almost hired as a co-host, but the offer is dropped when the producers discover she is not a drag queen.

In the premiere, Jack tripped during his entrance, knocked over the lights and the set caught on fire, his eyebrow getting singed off in the process.[1]

Grace appears on Jack Talk in the eighth season, where she performs an impromptu speech about "not liking gay men who don't like themselves". An editing mistake causes Grace to appear homophobic, and she becomes a target of anger from the gay community. She is later invited to appear back on JackTalk, in which she is booed. She retaliates by performing an angry, soulful speech about how she much she loves the gay community and begs them to "love [her] back, damn it!"[2]

Amber-Louise is hired as Jack's co-host after OutTV is bought by a large, right-wing co-operation owned by Nabisco. Jack is offended by the show's censorship of George Takei's sexuality, and protests against it by quitting on air, ultimately being replaced by Amber-Louise after the show is renamed "TalkTime USA".[3]

Known guests


  • The set of "Jack Talk" is apparently from the 1982 People's Choice Awards.[4]
  • It is hinted that Jack Talk is not a hugely popular show, as evidenced by the lack of bids Jack receives in a charity auction. [5] When Jack says that Jack Talk got a "17 rating and a 10 share.", Will replies, "In this case, that means 17 watched and 10 of them were dressed as Cher." [6]


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