Jennifer Lopez, also known as JenPez (according to Karen) is an American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author, and producer. She sang on Karen and Lyle's wedding reception.


Lopez met Karen in Las Vegas where she mistook Karen for a bathroom attendant because she is a "a white girl in a bathroom". Karen mentions that they have already met through her maid Rosario who is one of Lopez's friends from the Bronx.[1]
Jlo jack

Performing Waiting For Tonight with Jack

Despite her seemingly packed schedule, Lopez agrees to sing at Karen's wedding reception with Jack as one of her backup dancers. After performing her 1999 hit Waiting For Tonight, Lopez embarks on a world tour with Jack.

Jennifer later fires Jack for picking the wrong timing to present the song Karen had written to her. To make it up to him, she gets Jack a job as backup dancer for Janet Jackson.[2]


You know, when Karen asked me to sing at her wedding, I said yes because I believe in love. I said yes because I believe in the magic that two people can create together. And I said yes because I get to keep one of the centerpieces. I Do. Oh, No, You Di-in't


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  2. FYI: I Hurt, Too

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