Joe and Larry are a married couple who are friends with Will and Grace. They are the parents of Hannah whom they adopted in 2000. They are usually seen visiting Will and Grace's apartment for their game nights, with other friends Rob and Ellen. They are also friends with Jack during their party days. The live in Southampton.



Joe is a friend of Will, Jack and Grace. Not much is known about him except that he is a committed husband and that being a father totally changed his wild party lifestyle.


Described as the "bride" during their wedding,[1] Larry is a fan of crafts and housekeeping like Will. [2]



  • It is revealed that they both have "internet chat buddies" on the side, which they drunkenly confided in secret to Will and Grace respectively.[3]


Will:Down and dirty. Pair of queens starts.
Joe and Larry:That would be us!
Rob:Ok, that was funny the first fifteen times you did it, but now you're just slowing down the game.
— , Poker? I Don't Even Like Her


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