Jordan "Jordy" Truman is Sam Truman's son and nephew to Will and Paul.


Jordan is flamboyant, enjoying show tunes (including Rent and Fiddler on the Roof) and performing. In A Little Christmas Queer, he performs a Christmas-themed rendition of "All That Jazz". [1] At George's funeral, he is referenced as having sung "Sunrise Sunset". [2]

He also has a penchant for old movies and TV, referencing his mourning process as "very Valley of the Dolls". It also mentioned that he watched a marathon of Bewitched. [2]

He also has a tendency to comfort eat when sad, drawing parallels between him and Will when he was a child. In 2005, Jordy attends the Christmas dinner with the rest of the family. He arrives and tells his Uncle Jack that he has thought of a name for his fragrance, "Scoundrel" after which Grace confirms that Jordy is gay.


  • He uses hair dye.
  • His last memory of George is when they re-enacted the movie A League of Their Own. (George was Tom Hanks, Jordy was everyone else.)
  • He once went as Lynda Carter for Halloween.


Jordy:Guess what! I invented a new cologne. It's called Scoundrel.
Jack:Uh, Scoundrel is Joan Collins' fragrance.
Jordy:Darn it! That woman is always one step ahead of me.
A Little Christmas Queer


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