Judith McFarland is Jack's mother. She is the wife of Daniel McFarland.


She states that in 1968, she went to a Halloween party dressed as the back part of a horse and had anonymous sex with a guy in a Nixon mask. This led to Jack being born and growing up believing Daniel is his father.

Jack comes out

Although Jack has been exhibiting gay tendencies since childhood, Judith was clueless of Jack's sexual orientation until Thanksgiving of 1999 when he finally came out with the help of his friends. Judith accepts him but also admits a secret she had been hiding: Daniel is not his father and she is not exactly sure who is.

Judith later sends a letter to Jack, telling him that his biological father is one of the eleven Black brothers of New Canaan, Connecticut, but later finds out that he had already died.


Jack's friends note that he and his mother have similar personalities: vain, shallow, and somewhat slow.



It was the sixties! I went to this party. Keys were thrown in a bowl, the bowl was thrown in the pool, off came the ponchos, and 9 months later... There you were. Homo for the Holidays