Key Party is the 5th episode of the seventh season and 151st episode overall.


It's Will's birthday and everyone is in the mood for a happy birthday celebration, although Will is a bit hesitant because he has never had a happy birthday. Now that he is in a good relationship with his new boyfriend Vince, Will decides to give his birthday a chance. Grace runs into Vince shopping and notices that he has bought Will a key chain -- in the hopes of giving Will the key to his heart or apartment, and she tells him that Will would hate the gesture. Meanwhile, Karen is depressed because Will's birthday coincides with her late husband Stan's birthday.





  • This episode marks Will and Vince's first onscreen kiss.
  • In this episode, Jack, upon learning that Will and Stan share a birthday, comments that there must be a lot of "fatty Libras". However, Will mentioned in the Season 1 episode "Yours, Mine or Ours" that he was a Scorpio, leading to the assumption that his birthday must fall on the cusp - October 23rd.
  • Rosario serenades Will with Arthur's Theme.


Grace:You have had some lousy birthdays. Remember the year we went to James Taylor, and that drunk roadie peed on you?
Will:Ironically during "Shower the People."
, Key Party
Grace:Look, Will really hated the wallet. You have to give him the key.
Vince:Did he look inside the wallet?
Grace:Oh, is the key inside the wallet?
Vince:No, I put a coupon for a kiss inside the wallet.
Grace:...That is so queer.
Key Party

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