This is a list of all characters who appeared or were mentioned to have had a romantic relationship with Grace.

Season 1


Danny is Grace's boyfriend at the start of the series, although he is not seen until the fourth season episode "Dyeing is Easy, Comedy is Hard". After he proposes to Grace, Will reveals that he thinks Danny does not deserve her and tells Grace not to get married, which upsets her. After she realizes all the things Will has said is true, she runs off at the day of their wedding and goes to Will (in her wedding gown, nonetheless) before moving out of Danny's.[1] On Danny's wedding to Sarah, Grace reminisces how Danny may act childish, but is still very sweet and understanding.


Campbell is a guy Grace went out with during high school. After seeing each other in Karen's cabin in the woods, they recall seeing Loverboy together, prompting Karen to conclude that they were both geeks in high school. Their romantic evening was cut short when Will arrives at the cabin and Grace hides Campbell outside in the snow.[2]

Season 2

John Gregorio

John is an artist Grace went to high school with who called her up after seeing her feature in the magazine where her boobs looked bigger. Grace went to his show at the Zellman gallery wearing a water-bra thinking it is the only reason he wanted to meet up.[3]


Josh is Grace's bohemian boyfriend during the second season. He is shown to be extremely gentle and soft which disgusts Karen who referred to him as the talented Mr. Wimp-ly. Following Karen's advise of withholding sex to "train" him into being tough, Grace gets dumped by Josh. They would later continue dating after he angrily confronts her and she feels attracted to him again.[4] Grace would eventually also start dating Ben Doucette and contemplate on who should she break up with. In the end, Jack reveals that Josh is gay.[5]

Ben Doucette

Ben Doucette is a partner at Will's firm, whom Grace dates while still in a relationship with Josh. When Grace breaks up with him, Ben does not accept it and says that "we're good", which confuses Grace. After Karen helps Grace realize how lucky she is to have Ben, he breaks up with Grace.[6]


It was revealed in "Affair To Forget" that Grace and Rob had a one-night stand after she had just broken up with Danny and he is having troubles with Ellen.

Season 3


Nicholas is an ex-boyfriend of Grace who plays the cello for the Boston Symphony. Will says they argued like cats, and Grace says they made up like dogs. Nicholas meets up with Grace two years later and invites her into a three-way with his current girlfriend.[7]


Mark is a guy whom Grace dumps after finding out he has six toes.[8]


Nathan lived in the same building as Will and Grace. After she confronts her about removing the clothes she put in the laundry, Nathan takes her on a date on his apartment set up as Venice which was originally meant for his ex-girlfriend Vicki. Although Grace seems disgusted, she agrees to go out with him.[9] During the third season, Nathan moves in with Will and Grace. Things become awkward when Nathan unknowingly proposes to Grace during sex and then informally during dinner but Grace, who expects a more romantic gesture, declines. Finally when Grace realizes she really wants to marry him and proposes to him, Nathan breaks up with her[10] which leaves her devastated and bed-ridden.[11]

Season 4

Glenn Gabriel

Glenn is a guy Grace went to high school with. She says that she had a crush on him while he was in a band called "Suspicious Moles". They see each other again while Grace was visiting Stan in prison and after giving Glen her number, realizes he is also an inmate.They later find out he says the same thing to other girls and is just using Grace to get a lawyer.[12]

Season 6


Alex is a guy Grace picked up at a restaurant so she and her friends could sit at a table for five people. Lonely for being separated from her husband, Grace lets him stay and flirts with him, inventing a story that the two of them were married to get free stuff from the restaurant.

Season 7


Nick is a playwright who writes greeting cards. He meets Grace after he mistakenly walks into her office instead of a Valentine's Day party.


Tom is a married man whom Grace had a fling with.

Season 8

James Hanson

James is Will's boyfriend whom Grace married at a green card wedding. After they found out how mean and cruel he really is, Grace divorced him a few days later to have him deported back to Canada.


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