Love is in the Airplane is the eighth episode of the eighth season and 168th overall.


While en route to London for the weekend, Will and Grace spot Grace's ex-husband Leo on their flight. Will charms a pair of gay flight attendants, who also happen to be dating, so he can smuggle Grace into first class to talk to Leo. Back in New York, Jack tries to reunite Karen and Rosario, but this proves difficult when their stubbornness outweighs his good intentions. Also complicating matters is Karen's new manipulative maid Leni, who is not anxious to give up her comfortable new job.


"You just became the first Jew to say the word "gussied.""




  • Harry Connick, Jr. (Leo Markus)
  • Millicent Martin (Leni)
  • Stephen Spinella (Bret)
  • Jim Rash (Brent)
  • Kristina Krofft (Passenger)
  • James Huang (Male Passenger)

Cultural References


Excuse me? Do you have Princess Diaries Part 1? I don't think I'll enjoy Part 2 unless I know how she became a princess. Leoto a flight attendant

Don't laugh at your own jokes. It makes you look like a dad. Graceto Will

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