Lyle Finster is the father of Lorraine Finster and love interest of Karen Walker.


Lyle has a salacious personality, speaking constantly in innuendos and behaving inappropriately to those around him. He meets Karen when she is trying to break into his hotel room, mistakenly believing the room belongs to his daughter Lorraine.[1]

They have a tumultuous meeting, but eventually go on to have a relationship. Karen initially only dates him to get back at Lorraine, but grows to love him.[2]

He proposes, with Lorraine's blessing and Karen accepts, tying the knot in the Season 6 finale. However, Karen decides that she doesn't want to compromise her identity to be with a man, and divorces him after twenty minutes of marriage. [3]


  • John Cleese was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series in this role, despite never being credited in any of his episodes.


You know, I get petrified about flying. I know it's childish of me, but I just have this vision of the plane going out of control and smashing into the side of the mountain. Ah, listen to me prattling away. I should just get into the cockpit and have us cleared for takeoff. Enjoy your flight, everyone. before flying the plane


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  3. I Do. Oh, No, You Di-in't

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