Margot is Will's boss in the seventh and eighth seasons. She is portrayed by veteran comedian Lily Tomlin.


Margot is the senior partner at Will's firm. She is stoic and outspoken and has a tendency to casually insult her employees.

When she is first introduced, Will tries to impress her at a dinner party because he is up for a promotion. [1]

She later appears when she hires Grace to design the firm (requesting a "tasteful bloodbath" theme) where it becomes apparent that she has re-hired Will who is no longer working for the Coalition for Justice. [2]


  • She is married to a man named Leonard, whom she "stopped loving years ago" and even tries to set him up with Grace.
  • She frequently has affairs.
  • She casually states multiple times that her sister has been murdered. [2]
  • Went to an all-girls school, where she had "half a dozen character-building, lesbian experiences". [1]
  • She outwardly steals from employees, accepting them as "gifts". [1]
  • She is implied to belong to a "secret, evil club downtown". [2]


Does anyone feel the heat in here? Let's get out of here before clothes start flying off. introducing Grace to Leonard

Well, you're not going to be partner. And this has nothing to do with those silly studies that say a mother is less productive in the workplace. But there are of those studies, and they all say the same thing. firing RozPartners

Oh, grow up, Gary. Will's getting promoted because his performance reviews were better. This has nothing to do with your uninteresting wife. Partners

Hector, I've only got five minutes before I have to get back to the office. I want what I had yesterday. I don't remember what it was, and you weren't working, but I want it anyway. to a baristaForbidden Fruit

You remind me so much of my sister. They never found her killer. to GraceForbidden Fruit


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