My Uncle the Car is the 15th episode of the third season and the 61st episode overall.


Will chides Grace for owning an old car "with no A/C and 'old-man stink'," so she lets him sell it. But when she decides she wants the lemon back for sentimental reasons, it proves difficult to retrieve from the quirky buyer, Sister Louise. Meanwhile, a cryptic postcard from his mother convinces Jack that he's half black. And when a fellow trophy spouse tries to steal Rosario, pool shark Karen challenges him to a game--with her trusty maid as the stakes.





  • This is the first appearance of Karen's friend/rival, Beverley Leslie.
  • Title is a play on the 60s sitcom My Mother the Car.
  • This episode was originally to be the return of Joan Collins' character, Helena Barnes. However, Joan Collins did not like the script, so they changed the character to Beverley Leslie. Even though Beverley is a man, they did not have to change any of the lines.
  • Ellen DeGeneres' favorite episode, according to her.[1]



  1. ellen degeneres: Will&grace cast

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