No Sex 'n' the City is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season and the 141st overall.


Tip-toeing through his budding relationship, an apprehensive Will makes the mistake of taking Grace's advice on love, playing hard-to-get with his new pseudo-boyfriend. However, when his game playing causes a rift in this budding romance, Will is left questioning Grace's wisdom in matters of the heart. Meanwhile, a distraught Jack and Karen bravely attempt to soldier on after learning their favorite television shows will be going off the air.





  • Sharon Osborne won her cameo appearance at a charity auction for the Trevor Project, which helps gay teenagers.
  • The song playing in the Third Street Grill is a remix of "Baby Boy" by Beyonce.

Cultural References

  • Jack and Karen are shown to be obsessive fans of Frasier, Friends, and Sex And The City. Karen does an impression of Chandler when she says, "Could a show be any funnier?"


Jack:Is Will back from his date with that cop guy? I figured by now he be curled up in his bed crying himself into a Snickers bar.
Grace:Why do you do that, Jack? You're his friend. Why does Will's pain always amuse you?
Jack:[giggling] Remember that time his date went so badly, he came home and started writing a play?
Grace:[laughing] You mean, If Gay Means Happy, Why Am I So Sad?
about Will

Hey. You know, we could go out and have life experiences of our own, then get together later and discuss them. You know, like the people on TV do. Karen

Will:Is there any chance that your advice could be wrong?
Grace:Chance? Of course. Good chance. Just look at my love life before I met Leo. Look at my love life after I met Leo. Really, when I give you advice, I'm just talking out of my ass.
after taking Grace's advice

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