One Gay at a Time is the 3rd episode of the seventh season and the 149th overall.


Grace has a surprise reunion with Val as she attempts to steal doughnuts at an AA meeting. She gets hooked on AA meetings for free therapy and food and Val and Karen have a confrontation which leads to Grace's exposure as a fraud. Meanwhile, Will and Jack attend a gay television focus group, only to have Will kicked out and Jack hired as Junior VP of New Programming.





  • Writer/Producer Jon Kinnally was uncredited for his role as Mitchell.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Val.
  • First appearance of Dave.


Karen:You know... I think I recognized something in those people at that meeting. Something that I've... never had the courage to face.
Grace:Oh, Karen...You can tell me.
Karen:I'm really scared to say this, but....I think Rosario might have a drinking problem.
, One Gay at a Time
Will:I don't believe this. I mean, this channel could be a beacon of intelligence and insight for our community, and it's just a joke!
Jack:[SIGHS] Will, nobody wants to watch a beacon.
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