Partners 'n Crime is the 21st episode of the eighth season and 191st overall.


Will and Grace begin attending childbirth classes in preparation for the baby, but as Will and Vince take another chance at their relationship together, Grace starts to doubt whether Will is up for raising a child with her.

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"So we're... we're gonna do this together?"

Meanwhile, Karen looks to Jack for comfort as her marriage with Stan hits a bumpy road, but finds that Jack is a little preoccupied with his new television show.
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"It bugs me when straight people look like you."





  • Will and Vince are dating again.
  • Nurse Sheila is in Grace's childbirth class, and Vince gets stuck as her partner.
  • Ayda Field (as Barbara) and Hugh Davidson (as Dan) were credited during the closing credits, but they did not appear to have any scenes in the episode.


Mike:You were amazing. In that scene Jack, you were so intense! I thought you were going to pistol whip me for real.
Jack:I wanted to. It bugs me when straight people look like you.
shooting the pilot
Will:A sex dream about Ang Lee? What was that like?
Grace:A little slow-paced, but visually stunning.
, Partners 'n Crime
Will:Oh. Okay. I know what this is. I have been charting your progesterone and you are spiking.
Grace:Will, you're not the President. Get out of my uterus.
when Grace refuses the protein shake

I don't want you walking home alone. Someone just got killed in this city. They're calling it the "Could be Anybody Killer". I know, it was Vince's turn to name the killer and that's what he came up with. Willto Grace

If you'll excuse me, honey, I'm going to go take some of those pills I've been stealing from Grace. Gosh, my nails are stronger, my hair is thicker, but I think my balls may be shrinking. Karen

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