Poker? I Don't Even Like Her is the 19th of the third season and the 65th overall.


Will feels the heat from his poker-playing pals when their weekly get-together is compromised by an obnoxious Grace whose ineffective gamesmanship leaves her in debt to everyone, but she begs him for another chance -- and confides her secret weapon to regain her losses. Elsewhere, Karen gloats when she and Jack convince her equally haughty and naughty rival to be her "guinea pig" as the woman submits to experimental plastic surgery.





  • After Joan Collins refused to appear in this episode as Helena Barnes, the character was changed to Candy Pruitt.


You know... Once I saw on Dateline that this guy went in for a fungus under his fingernail and he came back with no limbs. Luckily, he was ugly, so it wasn't that sad. Jack

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