Ro D'Angelo is the younger sister of Vince D'Angelo.


Ro grew up in Bayonne, New Jersey before moving to Flushing, Queens with her family. She lives in a condo in Astoria.

In Queens For A Day she is engaged to a man named Matt, although it is later revealed that she is a lesbian, which she confides to Jack. Ro is later outed by Will.

She is shown to be close to Vince, calling him "Vinnie" and stating she knew he was gay "ever since he beat up some guy in high school when he said Lee Majors looked dopey".


  • She enjoys watching football.
  • She performs slam poetry.
  • She's a fan of singer Ani DiFranco.
  • She can't get through sex with Matt without pretending he's Renée Zellweger.
  • She reveals that she had an affair with Matt's secretary.


Ro:It's different with Vince. He's a guy, and we're Italian. All Italian guys are gay.
Jack:That's because the country's shaped like a thigh-high boot.
Queens for a Day

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