Rosario Inés Consuelo Yolanda Salazar is Karen's personal maid. Originally planned to have only one appearance, her popularity promoted her to a semi-regular character.


Rosario was born in a village in El Salvador and speaks Spanish and English fluently. Throughout the series, Karen mentions varying stories about Rosario's life before she came into her service, including Rosario "boxing donkeys for money"[1] or that she actually brought Rosario from her parents complete with a receipt.[2] Karen also says that Rosario was conceived after her father spotted her mother across a crowded swamp and dragged her back to his hut.[3] In a flashback to 1985, it is revealed that Rosario met Karen while working as a cigarette lady at a club. Karen invited her as a maid and they have been together ever since.[4]

Rosario mentions being a school teacher[5] three credits short of getting a master's degree in clinical psychology[6] from the University of Texas[7]. She says Karen pulled her out of business school[1].

At some point, she moved to the Bronx where she was a tap dancer with Jennifer Lopez, including in a production of "Tea for Two" at the Shalom Retirement Center[8]. She was also paid to tape pornographic videos for Tommy Lee.[9]

One of Rosario's brother is a political prisoner[10], and remarks made by Karen suggests she has children, but they are possibly still in El Salvador.

Rosario was one of few people with whom Stan remained in contact after he faked his death[11]. When Karen learned that Rosario had kept this news from her, she fired her. Rosario worked as a bar attendant until Karen took her back.

Season 9

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During the revival series in 2017, Rosario has been visibly absent from any of the earlier episodes. Karen learns during the sixth episode that Rosario collapsed and later died of complications during surgery. Karen decides to make Rosario’s funeral the quinceañera she never had as a teenager.

Karen struggles to come to terms with Rosario's death and only after Will convinces her that she decides to sit with Rosario and say her goodbye. She cleans her coffin and whispers "Te amo, mommy", a term of endearment they always shared.[12]


Rosario has been portrayed as feisty and no-nonsense. She has been shown to be very tough in putting up with Karen's eccentric lifestyle in addition to doing chores at the Walker mansion. Karen has once referring to her as a "burley construction worker".[13] Rosario has also been shown to be critical of Karen's wardrobe choices.[14][15] Though fiercely loyal to Karen, she briefly worked for her socialite nemesis Beverley Leslie before ultimately choosing Karen.

Marriage to Jack

When Rosario's green card was about to expire, Karen arranged her marriage to Jack to keep her in the US. They divorced soon after she became a legal citizen.

Relationship with Karen

Rosario karen blouse

Rosario and Karen are very close.

Rosario and Karen are very close though their relationship is love-hate. During the first seasons, the two are constantly heard swapping insults with each other but ending in a tender show of affection. They have become comfortable with each other that Karen does not mind Rosario judging her wardrobe[15] and touching her in an otherwise inappropriate manner. Though Rosario has been open with her attachment to her[16], Karen has been aloof and in denial of their relationship that she once ignored Rosario's sickness in fear of losing her.[17]

Rosario is also implied to be trusted completely by Karen's husband Stanley that he entrusted her in keeping his secret not even Karen knows.



  • Accord2ng to Karen, Rosario earns $350,000 per year.
  • Karen says she "ordered" Rosario in hunter green, but she's faded.[18]
  • Rosario typically is seen wearing a Members Only jacket on top of her maid's uniform.
  • She has a particular fondness for Subway sandwiches.[19][20]
  • Morrison was a guest star in the first two seasons, but from season three until the show's end she was listed as a main cast member in the episodes she appeared.


Oh, shut your trap, barfly. First words to KarenLows in the Mid-Eighties

Whenever I get together with my friends and we talk about who works for the craziest bitch, I always win. The Birds and the Bees

I'd ring your neck, but I don't want to be standing in puddle of gin. to KarenKiss and Tell

Suck it, bitch. To Karen treating her like a babyThe Finale


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