Saving Grace is the 20th episode of the first season.


A successful and arrogant New York publicist hires Grace to decorate his house with the condition that she fixes him up with Will. But there's a problem: Will can't stand the guy.


"I can't get you out of my head. I want to live here. I want to have cats with you."

An unsuccessful dates leaves Will worried about jeopardizing Grace's chances of landing the job, but it turns out that Nathan is charmed by Will's assertive behavior and requests another date. Grace accepts on Will's behalf, much to his chagrin. Will ultimately wards off Nathan's advances by pretending to be madly in love with him. Meanwhile, Jack uses Karen to teach Will how to kiss someone he finds unattractive.





  • Antonia Hutt is the name of episode writer Jhoni Marchinko's real-life partner (and she is actually an interior designer).


Yeah. I'm a big game player. One of my favorites is the "Be Nice to Waiters" game. Yeah, if you win, you get to not go to hell. Will

Nathan:Be careful, Will Truman. You wouldn't want to offend me and force me to rethink Grace Adler.
Will:Are you kidding me with this stuff?! Nobody actually says something like that unless they're twirling a mustache and tying Lillian Gish to the train tracks.
on a date

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