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Saving Grace, Again (Part 2) is the ninth episode of the seventh season and 148th overall.


Will, Grace, Jack and Karen go on a road trip for Grace's get away weekend - a weekend devoted to not mentioning the name "Leo." Jack and Karen hate the car ride and quickly decide to bail on the plan. Elsewhere, when Jack spots Peter, a "sinfully delicious" man who Jack remembers from a cocoa commercial when he was a kid, he recruits him to be the new face of "Out TV," much to the surprise of Rip Taylor who also wants the gig.




  • Victor Garber (Peter Bovington)
  • Rip Taylor (Himself)
  • John Ducey (Jamie)
  • Sam Pancake (Jimmy)
  • Deborah Carson (Margaret)


Will:For the rest of the weekend, let's just not mention the words "Leo", "marriage", "anniversary" or "ointment".
Will:I just hate that word.
on the road trip

But let me tell ya a little story. Between my first and second marriages, I did what many girls in my position do... I backpacked through Japan, Vietnam, and Bhutan. One day while was worshipping at the Golden Temple in Kyoto, I was discovered by a commercial director. Hmm. Long story short, I became the face of "Atooshi Kodki!" The energy drink of today's youth. It was a health drink... chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and 22 grams of nicotine. Anyway, I became a sensation. Everywhere I went, I was mobbed by Japanese people. Fortunately, it was right around the time they invented pepper spray. Karen

Grace:Don't worry. We'll get a new machine.
Will:It won't be the same. I was saving a message from Vince. Now all the swans in the lake are gonna know he calls me "fluffer-nutter".
when Grace throws the answering machine out the window

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