Scott Sender is a love interest for Will in the third season.


Will meets Scott at the Atom Bar in The Young and the Tactless. He asks Will out to dinner, who first dismisses him because of his youth. (Scott is 23 years old, making him approximately eleven years younger than Will.)

However, after taking advice from Sylvia Walker, he agrees to get dinner with him.

They continue to date, but Will feels embarrassed due to Scott's age and ultimately agrees with Grace to break up with him.


  • Scott is the first male character whom Will kisses in a non-platonic way.[1]


Scott:Hey. Will Truman, right? Riverside Drive, Mastercard expires March 2003?
Will:Uh, wow, I knew these pants were tight. I didn't think you could read the contents of my wallet through them.
Will meeting ScottThe Young and the Tactless


  1. Last of the Really Odd Lovers

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