Information below this bar list things that are inappropriate for The Will and Grace Wiki. Things listed here do not apply to other Wikis, but must be followed on this one.

Most Important Rule

Respect - Every wiki user must have respect for each other. No harassment, name calling or disrespect about a user's opinions, nationality, sex, race or orientation. Anything from the above will lead to a permenant block

Rules & Regalations

1. You must be at least 12 years of age to edit and contribute to this site.

2. No innapropiate Behaviour, or rudeness, especially about some-one's: Race, Beliefs, Nationality, Gender or Sexuality. This will lead to a automatic Permenant Block.

3. A users user page must only be Edited by them. Leads to 1 month block.

4. Vandalism - Leads to 5 month block.

5. This is not a fan based site. Everything on the Will and Grace Wiki should be from Will and Grace.

6. No personal Photo's, mentioning of anything to do with your personal life (e.g. family members). They will be immediatley deleted for safety and security reasons.

7. Sexual explicit or pictures are strongly inappropriate. If it is images from a couple on Will and Graceit is allowed. Leads up a 5 month block.

8. We do have some young users on this Wikia so Sexual Pictures and Strong Language are strictly forbidden.

9. Putting your sentences in caps is not allowed, one it's not pleasant reading, and it makes it look like you are yelling and/or rude, if that was not the reason why everything was put in caps anyway. Caps may only be used for titles, indication, etc.

10. Do not modify, edit and/or delete archieved talk pages. It'll be recognized by vandalism and/or spamming.

11. We do NOT tolerate extreme swearing! (F**k; N***er; B*****d, C**t) Leads to a one year block

  1. Allowed are only not-so-harmful words.(Crap, Shyte etc...).
    1. You can, however, abbreviate swear (WTF, LMFAO etc..)

12. If you have a double account, delete it or request a deletion.

13. Creating another account and pretending to be someone is strictly forbidden - lead to a 3 month block.

If you have anything to discuss about these policies, please talk about it on the talk page.

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