Smitty is a bartender.

He is usually seen serving Karen. Whenever she laments about a sad event in her life, he tells her a much sadder event that happened in his childhood, which prompts Karen to laugh hysterically.



  • His mother was shot to death in front of him when he was twelve.
  • He had a sister who died in a fire, and another sister who died in a tornado.
  • His wife died on Christmas Day.
  • He later becomes almost deaf, which Karen finds hilarious.



I had a sister. But when the tornado came, we'd already boarded up the cellar door. She hung on to the pick-up as long as she could... We found her top of the school. Smitty

Karen:Smitty, do you ever think about giving up? You know, just ending it all?
Smitty:Funny you should ask. Tonight is the anniversary of the fire that killed my identical twin, and I've never felt more alone.
Karen:[LAUGHING] Ha ha! Now how is it that you're tending bar and Jimmy Kimmel has his own show? It's just not right.
at a barI Second That Emotion

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