Sons and Lovers is the two-part 24th & 25th episode of the third season and the 70th & 71st overall.

Grace struggles trying to get Nathan and Will to get along. Jack prepares to meet his birth father, only to get a surprise of having a new family member altogether.



Elliot's first appearance

An exasperated Grace tries to mediate between a resentful Will and her sloppy, free-spirited boyfriend Nathan when Nathan moves in while Jack is in a royal dither as he plans to finally meet his unseen father face-to-face.

However, Grace grows nervous when the two polar-opposite men find some common ground and she ponders how a devoted boyfriend might affect her equally important relationship with her longtime buddy Will. After settling his father issues, Jack later gets the surprise of his life in a most unexpected fashion.




  • Woody Harrelson (Nathan)
  • Michael Angarano (Elliot)
  • Claire Malis Callaway (Jo Black)
  • Helen Eigenberg (Vicky)
  • Michael Philip (Imaginary Boyfriend, Chris)
  • David Correia (Sky Cap)
  • John David Conti (Man)
  • Marcia Ann Burrs (Woman)


  • Jack discovers that his biological father, Joe Black is dead. He then discovers that he has a biological son, who was created from his sperm bank donation.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Elliot, who becomes a regular in Season 4.

Cultural References

  • After finding out Grace has been dating Nathan behind his back, Will compares himself to Captain Von Trapp in the musical film The Sound of Music (1965) where the eldest daughter Liesl sneaks out to meet with the delivery boy (later Nazi officer) Rolf during the famous gazebo scene. Later in the series, during the season 8 episode Von Trapped, Will actually dresses up as Captain Von Trapp at the Sound of Music sing-along.
  • Will, Grace and Nathan go to see the movie Chocolat (2000) in the Village Cinema.
  • After Jack sings "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" from the musical Yentl multiple times, Will accuses him of having a "Yentl breakdown".


Rosario, let me get this straight. You want to take some time off to spend with your family? Okay, yeah, good idea. Let me get on the horn right now to Air Fat Chance. Yeah, they probably got a buzzard taking off out of LaGuardia any minute now. Karenon the phone

Karen:I am gonna throw you a fabulous dinner party so that you can meet your daddy in style.
Jack:You'd do that for me? You'd open your home to me and my family?
Karen:Well, when you put it that way... no. We'll do it at Will and Grace's. Hey, it'll give 'em a chance to break out the good plastic.

You'd eat your own foot if it had parmesan cheese on it. Willas Grace enjoys Nathan's cooking

Nathan:Will, lighten up. It's breakfast, not a pelvic exam.
Will:Well, forgive me if I don't leap to take advice from someone whose family portrait includes two bloodhounds and a pickup truck.

Well, I get it. Because I'm from the South, I must be stupid, and because you're gay, you must be clever. Just goes to show you how wrong those stereotypes can be. Nathanto Will

Boy, if this day gets any better, by noon I should be rolling in glass. Will

Jack:So, where are you from?
Elliot:I'm from Queens
Jack:Yes, you are, but we'll talk about that when you're older.