Strangers with Candice is the ninth episode of the sixth season and 125th overall.


Attempting to help Grace shake off her marital woes, a well-dressed Will asks her to accompany him on his dinner date only to be stood up by his new man. He then catches the eye of a female diner while Grace reunites with a man from her past with whom she shared a forgettable romantic moment in a dark bar. Meanwhile, Karen takes Jack out to celebrate his first month as a student nurse, only to cross paths with her nemesis, Emmy winner Candice Bergen -- sparking another battle in their on-going prank war.




  • Candice Bergen (Herself)
  • Tom Everett Scott (Alex)
  • Kali Rocha (Stephanie)
  • Oliver Muirhead (Maitre d')
  • Victoria Hoffman (Waitress)
  • Kelli Kirkland (Mona)
  • Tim Lucason (Bartender)



It's okay, I can take it. The fashion forward have always been ostracized. I'm sure when Gandhi first put on the diaper, there were some sideways glances. Who got the last laugh? That's right, Gandhi. Willwhen Grace makes fun of his vest

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