Sweet and Sour Charity (sometimes Sweet (and Sour) Charity) is the 18th episode of the second season and the 40th overall.


After winning a call-in radio contest for prized Joni Mitchell concert tickets, Grace vows to reciprocate and volunteers her time to charity, but when she recruits Will to join her at a community center, she quickly begs off her commitment when it conflicts with her busy social calendar. Meanwhile, Karen and Jack don't escape either from Grace's newfound charity which forces Karen to rifle through her closet -- and allows Jack to accidentally donate a pair of Karen's most-prized shoes.




  • Shelley Morrison (Rosario Salazar)
  • Debra Mooney (Sister Robert)
  • Mary Pat Gleason (Sally)
  • Megan Taylor Harvey (Carrot Girl)
  • Daryl Sabara (Broccoli Boy)
  • Athena Kihara (Radish Girl)
  • Ryan Tyler Collier (Boy)
  • Richard Wharton (Gerald)


Cultural References

  • Will refers to Grace as fictional villain Nurse Ratched when she snaps at the children.


Karen:Oh, you can handle it? Interesting. You know, I have spent most of my adult life and millions of my husband's dollars learning about fashion. What are your qualifications, hmm?
Jack:Umm... I'm gay.
Karen:Oh, honey. What would I do without you?

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