The Hole Truth is the 5th episode of the eighth season and 175th overall.


The day before Will's charity auction and carnival, Jack meets and begins dating Baby Glenn, who is still riding his fifteen minutes of fame from when he got trapped in a hole for three days in the eighties. The two "celebrities" agree to be auctioned off for charity -- Baby Glenn's fans spend

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"Oh, my God, auctions are so exciting! The hands went up so fast, I didn't see 'em!"

over a thousand dollars, but Jack begins to question his own notoriety when no one bids on him. Meanwhile, Karen just can't force herself to break up with Malcolm, so to soften the blow she recruits Grace to be his date to the carnival. But Grace can't stand his weird quirks and clingy personality and finally makes Karen confront him.




  • Alec Baldwin (Malcolm Widmark)
  • Jason Biggs (Baby Glenn)
  • Christopher Herzberger (Dan)
  • Emil Beheshti (Mike)


  • Malcolm and Karen finally break up when Malcolm leaves to go to New Hampshire for jury duty.


Glenn:Just remember: We're better than everyone else, okay? For flip's sake, I'm Baby frickin' Glenn. And you're Jack frickin' Garland.
Jack:It's McFarland.
Glenn:Yeah, you're Jack Farland.
Jack:It's McFarland. Geez, what do you still have dirt in your ears?J
at the auction