The Mourning Son is the 20th episode of the eighth season and the 190th episode overall.


Friends and family gather for the funeral of Will's father. During the reception everyone shares with Will fond last memories of his father, while Will's last memory of his father is not as pleasant. As he tries to come to terms with their last fight, Marilyn helps him realize the changes he must make in his life. Will's ex-boyfriend Vince also attends the funeral service. Meanwhile, Grace attempts to comfort the grieving younger members of the family and begins to doubt her ability to be a good mother.





  • Will's brother Paul is mentioned by Sam as being at the wake, but does not appear.
  • This episode takes place entirely in various rooms in Marilyn's home.
  • This is the last appearance of Will and Grace's friends Ellen, Rob, Larry, and Joe. It is also the last appearance of Marilyn Truman.

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