The Newlydreads is the 6th episode of the seventh season and the 152nd overall.


Will convinces Jack to aid a local gay-bookstore owner to save his store from closing. Meanwhile, Grace's first design job after her divorce is for a young, obnoxiously-in-love newlywed couple. After a few conversations with the couple Grace decides she cannot do the job because she cannot bear being around them. Karen decides to help Grace out and completes the job for her with an uncharacteristic flourish.




  • Roscoe Lee Browne (Linus)
  • Erinn Carter (Katherine Fallon)
  • Larry Poindexter (Dan Fallon)
  • Markus Hamilton (Colin)
  • Barry Karras (Man in Bookstore)


  • Karen states that she has been working for Grace for nine years and has never cashed a paycheck. She did cash some paychecks when Stanley put her on a budget in episode Polk Defeats Truman.
  • During the End Credits, Erinn Carter's credit has her character name as "Alex," but Grace calls her "Katherine."


Will:What do you mean you've never been in here? You're a gay man. This is a gay landmark.
Jack:Excuse me. The hospital where Judy Garland spewed out Liza Minnelli is a gay landmark. This is just a bookstore.
in Linus's bookstore
Grace:Adler and Walker, Walker and Adler.
Karen:Honey, don't say your name next to mine. It makes mine sound Jew-y.
Grace:Well, yours makes mine sound drunk.

This is our history. It's like the, the cradle of gay civilization where, where gay man crawled from the straight ooze and, and for the first time, walked erect. Will

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