The Old Man and the Sea is the 3rd episode of the eighth season and 173rd overall.


When Jack learns that Will never learned to swim, Jack insists that he teach Will how. Meanwhile, Karen sets Grace up on a blind date with one of Malcolm's friends, but Grace can't stand him or his penchant for bad poetry during their seemingly never-ending nine-course dinner.





  • Grace sings "Being Alive" by Stephen Sondheim (from "Company"). She also sings a little bit of "Send in the Clowns", also by Stephen Sondheim.
  • Robert Kariakin was credited as Waiter, but no waiter appeared in the episode.


Grace:Can you believe this? Now they're saying chewing tobacco's bad for you.
Will:Now? What are you reading? Sunset Magazine from 1982?
Grace:Stole it from the doctor's office. You make me wait, I take something.
Will:That would explain the model of a uterus on your credenza.
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William Truman! You are a 57-year-old man! You should learn to swim! Jack