The Unsinkable Mommy Adler is the thirteenth episode of the first season. It marks the first appearance of Grace's mother Bobbi.

Grace prepares herself as her mother comes to New York. Jack learns from Karen that she might be pregnant.


The flower and the gardener

Grace mentally prepares herself after her mother leaves a message saying she will be in town to visit. She tells Will that her mother is highly critical of everything about her, especially concerning her life being wasted living with a gay guy. During lunch however, her mother tells her that she actually likes the fact that she and Will are living together and hopes that someday they get married. They laugh about it, but Will hits a nerve when he says even if he was straight he still wouldn't marry Grace.

She confronts him during brunch asking why and Will admits that she has the tendency to be the "flower" of the relationship who gets tended by the "gardener", implying that her relationships basically revolve around her and her needs. Grace becomes upset since it is one of the things she herself does not like about her mother and her relationship with other people.





Will and Grace- Good Morning!00:16

Will and Grace- Good Morning!

"No Panties"00:08

"No Panties"

Debbie Reynolds' Exit00:26

Debbie Reynolds' Exit


  • This is the first appearance of Bobbi Adler, Grace's mother. She would go on to appear in all eight seasons, and is the only recurring character to do so.

Cultural references

  • Bobbi sings "Good Morning", a song made famous by the jukebox musical Singin' in the Rain, in which Debbie Reynolds starred.
  • The title is a reference to The Unsinkable Molly Brown, in which Debbie Reynolds starred (and won an Academy Award).


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